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How To Get FREE Bitcoins WITHOUT Mining - Bitcoin Generator 2018 VIDEO GUIDE

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This is probably the easiest way to earn ????Free Bitcoin in less than 10 min ⏰.
No need to download, just Enter your Bitcoin address to start.

Perhaps the most well known crypto-currency on the market, #Bitcoin is like digital #gold. There is a finite supply that can be ‘mined’ every year using sophisticated software.
This is called #blockchain technology, we'll go into more detail about blockchain in a future post.

At its simplest, Bitcoin is either virtual #currency or reference to the technology. You can make transactions by check, wiring, or cash. You can also use Bitcoin (or #BTC), where you refer the purchaser to your signature, which is a long line of security code encrypted with 16 distinct symbols.
The purchaser decodes the code with his smartphone to get your cryptocurrency.

Put another way; #cryptocurrency is an exchange of digital information that allows you to buy or sell goods and services.The transaction gains its security and trust by running on a peer-to-peer computer network that is similar to #Skype, or #BitTorrent, a file-sharing system.

Without getting into the technical details, Bitcoin works on a vast public #ledger, also called a blockchain, where all confirmed transactions are included as so-called ‘blocks.’ As each block enters the system, it is broadcast to the peer-to-peer computer network of users for validation.
In this way, all users are aware of each transaction, which prevents stealing and double-spending, where someone spends the same currency twice. The process also helps blockchain users trust the system.

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