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The 1 Bitcoin Show- Be your own 20% bank, Bcash fork, Chile sign, Lightning bike


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Santiago, Chile- I found a Bitcoin related sign on the streets of Santiago and you can see those streets and the sign if you watch the entire video. There also are surprise photos at the end of the video. Gemini makes me think about the Bcash fork situation. Don't have altcoin regrets in 30 years. Be your own bank- it is the 20% thing to do! I fear no fiat bear! Value your wealth in BTC!

In 30 years... https://twitter.com/FedericoTenga/status/1050531164992299008 Gemini- https://medium.com/gemini/litecoin-is-now-available-on-gemini-467d7d1079e6
Bcash fork? -https://forkmonitor.cash/
Satoshi's Vision- https://twitter.com/BitcoinSVNode
Coingeek story- https://coingeek.com/svpool-mines-first-bitcoin-bch-block/
Upstream- https://twitter.com/UpstreamDataInc/status/1050871460925825024
Removing the 3rd parties- https://twitter.com/matt_odell/status/1051152438286274560
Being your own bank- https://twitter.com/matt_odell/status/1051283365566013440
The Youtube add Adam as a friend link- youtu.be/addme/M8_kFAyDEgIInj43XjhiJfAsDc0-CA
Lightning bike- https://twitter.com/leblitzdick/status/1050845952788099072

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