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Daily Crypto Morning Update - Pornhub's 1%, Blockchain Island, Sia Coin Obelisk Fork - BTC $6600

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Sia goes on ASIC defense
Sia Coin announced that they will fork in order to render Bitmain’s ASICs obsolete to give its own miners an edge when mining with the Obelisk miner.

Ripple launches XRapid
Ripple finally launches XRapid leaving stockholders of Ripple Labs much room to cheer. People holding XRP however, much is to be said.

Malta goes ham on blockchain
While some world leaders were getting laughed at during the UN General Assembly, Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat stated “Blockchain makes cryptocurrencies inevitable future of money” while dubbing Malta as Blockchain Island. That’s pretty cool.

Torrent seeeders paid in Tron
Justin Sun revealed the purpose behind Tron’s BitTorrent acquisition stating that torrent seeders will be paid in Tron. Crypto community shortly thereafter stated who uses torrents anymore. We all have Netflix bro.

PornHub’s One Percent
Speaking of underdeveloped use cases. We learned that less than 1% of PornHub’s users are using crypto as a payment option. Me personally, I think 1% is quite a lot. Imagine how much business they can get if they made payments as easy as “one-hand click”.

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