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BLOC - What Is BLOC MONEY - How It Works - BLOC Review

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BLOC - What Is BLOC MONEY - How It Works - BLOC Review
★ OFFICIAL WEBSITE ➤ https://bloc.money
★ BLOC WALLET ON THE APP STORE ➤ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bloc-wallet-by-furiousteam-ltd/id1437924269?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2
★ BITCOINTALK ➤ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4108831.0
★ BLOC DASHBOARD ➤ https://dashboard.bloc.money
★ TELEGRAM GROUP ➤ https://t.me/bloc_money
★ TWITTER ➤ https://twitter.com/bloc_money

Bloc is new cryptocurrency with the world most advanced ecosystem created without an Initial Coin Offering. (ICO)

The BLOC Ticker: BLOC is a cryptocurrency launched in MAY 2018 using egalitarian proof of work with CryptonightHaven algorithm, based on open source Cryptonote technology.
BLOC is:
Fully decentralized, Secure, Private, Fungible, Fast and Egalitarian
Moreover, thanks to the team as the transaction costs, implanted in the roots of the code, are fixed unusually low. Launched in May 2018, with its brand new ecosystem and exclusive set of mining tools, BLOC is the world first cryptocurrency to connect buyers and sellers.
One of their fundamental mission is to build a more accessible and egalitarian financial future. Their blockchain technology will able the following as it is revolutionizing the financial service industry through their empowerment amongst users across the globe to authenticate and transact immediately without cost intermediaries.

PAYCHANGE - Connecting the real world to crypto-currencies
BLOC is building the ecosystem for the Cryptocurrency era. People will be able to use, spend, exchange any type of cryptocurrency in the same way as they could with any other currency, but in a quicker, cheaper and more secure environment than it is currently possible in any traditional bank or other current exchange. BLOC with PAYCHANGE will be the core which will interlock the limited financial world in today's societies and a

PAYCHANGE is not a crypto bank and not a wallet. We do not store our customer's assets. PAYCHANGE focus on services and will change the way we use payment forever by bringing and connecting the cryptocurrencies and other standard payment methods to the real everyday world, for everyone with a modern, secure, and practical approach.
Every cryptocurrency enthusiast knows it. The first dive into this world is a headache. Where is the best place to buy safely and efficiently? Where to get verified information and who to trust ? Where to sell cryptocurrencies and get cash immediately? Which hardware to use to store my cryptocurrencies? Where to meet people like you?
PAYCHANGE is the answer to all these questions. PAYCHANGE will bring back the service to the streets and open large gates to all the people that are ready to jump in the cryptocurrencies Era.
Release date:
they plan to release the 1st version of PAYCHANGE before the end of this year.
All the PAYCHANGE products and services will be invoiced in the currency BLOC.

5. TRAAKX - Dream big, Ride Bigger.

In regards to transactions, Blockchain offers a highly intuitive concept as it allows to create a decentralized system that makes crowdfunding easier.
As TRAAKX’s is the first project to tokenize athlete, part of its mission is to revolutionize the sport talent management system. It aims to do so by tracking athletes performances through the use of two main principles. A custom developed hardware and a blockchain technology to decentralize it. These will significantl benefit and facilitate support for athletes while adding a sense of value and belonging to their community through technology.
Purchasing BLOC able you to support an athlete, while benefiting from various features. BLOC coins can be redeemed to get “a share of their income, endorsements at a significant discount, training time, and sponsorship.”

When looking at a young athlete’s career, expenses and funding are limited. This new concept enhances the potential of these athletes as it will enable them to reach a higher level of professionalism through their career, which will contribute to facing higher-ranked opponents. This new powerful approach of a decentralized crowdfunding model contributes to the increase in money being raised, while supporting athletes.


They are passionate about crypto currency and truly convinced that blockchain technology is going to change our world. Too many ICO's are popping up everday without real products at the end and a lot of disapointement. They decided to do it differently.

BLOC is a true and real mining crypto currency like Bitcoin, using improved adaptive features to fit our current world and economy including exlusive mining tools to offer an egalitarian money distribution.

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