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Bitcoin ETF ???????? THEFT From 401ks ???? The Largest P&D In History $BTC News


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The Bitcoin ETF or Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund…..its coming and the United States SEC is again reviewing all the details. Are they really reviewing, and trying to make sure it’s safe? Or do they wan’t the perfect ETF so they can line the governments, and the US Elite’s pockets. An ETF Pump and Dump is not a new concept, it has happened to many other asset classes and industries. Tech and the dotcom bubble, real estate, gold, and now we have a BTC ETF. These below questions need answered! Tune in to find out more…
1. Do we really need an $BTC ETF for it to flourish?
2. Why wrap a new financial instrument in old financial tools?
3. Will the BTC Exchange Traded Fund be good in the long term for the health of bitcoin?
4. And if not, what type of coin could takes its place?

An ETF stands for exchange traded fund. They are a collection or basket of tens, hundreds, or sometimes thousands of differing stocks or bonds, or a combination of the two in a single fund. ETFs are allowed to be traded on major stock exchanges like Nasdaq or the New York Stock Exchange. They are supposed to make convenience for investors, by diversifying your risk. If one stock is performing badly, another one can take off, balancing out the losses.

00:08 Beer Intro: Peroni Italia, Italy
00:42 Questions I have about the Bitcoin ETF ????
01:18 What is an ETF-Exchange Traded Fund?
01:34 The Benefits of ETFs for investors?
01:54 ETFs-Who are they for?
02:22 What ETFs do to other assets and industries?
----02:34 Gold ETFs
----04:44 Dotcom Bubble ETFs
----06:26 Real Estate ETFs
07:00 The BTC ETF is not needed
07:18 Will the Bitcoin ETF pass?
07:28 Do not allow any 401k money to go into Bitcoin ETFs
07:38 Bitcoin ETF could crash $BTC!
07:51 What type of coin could replace Bitcoin?
08:11 Elastos could outdue bitcoin if the ETF crashes $BTC
08:50 Closing thoughts....

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