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Best Cryptocurrency To Buy Now(Video 2) | Best Cryptocurrency 2018

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What is the minimum Amount to invest to get started with this? The beauty of this is that you can start with the best cryptocurrency in 2018, for as little as $100 you will find that each of the exchanges has various limits but here's what you can do if you want to get started with $100. You could put $100 on to coinbase and if you go if you go to Jerry Banfield resources and the coinbase link and then you get you join coinbase using my link and buy Bitcoin by clicking to get $10 in Bitcoin.

Then you can but you'll get an extra $10 so you'll be able to start with $110 that's a guaranteed 10% on your if that's a guarantee 10% return right away and coinbase also gives me $10 which I'm grateful that I have referred something like 60 or 70 people to coinbase. That has gotten me that bonus I'm very grateful for that I've gotten more than a Bitcoin referring people to coinbase coinbase is $1 and deposit it.

Coinbase is what I use now you can then take your $100 and deposit it on Poloniex just like I'm showing you then could simply buy $1 of the top 100 or you could buy $2 of the top 50 or you could buy $10 of the top 10 you can do it however you wanted to but the beauty of this strategy is for $100 you can easily get started with the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

You can be a part of the actions and what I think the best strategy to do would be to put $100 a month in, like I will show. These are off right now so if you put in $100 this month next month it might be worth 60 but if you put another $100 in that month then you'll be able to buy significantly more with your $100 than you bought the month before then if it goes back up and you put another hundred dollars in then you're starting to come out way ahead because you put the $100 in when it's slumped that goes up if you put $100 a month in doing the strategy.

I've got an awesome spreadsheet I'll show you that I made and I fully did the math on this a year ago with Bitcoin just a little over a year ago the price of Bitcoin Here's what I did I made a simple Bitcoin investment plan of investing $25 a day in Bitcoin which at the time bought a 20th of the more than a 20 the big one now you can adjust this to whatever you want to do what what I'm showing you is the basic system of how this works because I was just continually investing a little bit over time and it adds up to a fantastic amount thanks to the magic of compounding.

I simulated down here actually almost exactly what's happened a year in advance I simulated this last year and this is what I actually did this is a big part of how I had $10,000 to invest because I put $25 a day into Bitcoin and here's what happened so I've got these different columns April 6th $25 a day in Bitcoin what I did to buy about a dollar-an-hour of Bitcoin that way I got the average price on it if one day was down one day I was up I got the average then what I do I show you the amount of Bitcoin I got based on the dollar amount I put in and the price of Bitcoin I had and then this is the amount it was worth so I started investing $25 a day which if you count up the days that's about 700 plus dollars a month that I put in and then look what happened and it's the simulation but it actually went very much like that accept Bitcoin just went up so he stays I continued investing I just did this first thing assuming the price was stay about the same and then therefore after a month of investing by this point in the spreadsheet $875 invested assuming the same price I have done at the time to bitcoin $875 and drop after that overnight.

Assuming the same price I have done at the time to bitcoin $875 invested now let's assume there's a price drop after that so all the sudden the price drops I lose lose $70 overnight essentially but I continue investing $25 a day unless they the price goes down even further to 300 so I'll show you the math on that so after $25 a day that's $4,250 put in

$5 a day unless they the price goes down even further to 300 so I'll show you the math on that so after 170 days of investing $25 a day that's $4,250 put in assuming a price drop now you might think okay that's that's not ideal because by now you actually only have $3,725 but what happens when the price goes back up and the system continues and then the price and the price actually went up faster than I predicted in my simulation so what happens when the price cracks a thousand?

Please be sure to tune in and watch my other videos where I will show you live my exact strategies and we will also cover the top cryptocurrency exchanges, and top altcoins to buy.

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